Feb 24

Italian Academic Guiseppe Levi Impressed by Andrea Rossi’s “Cold Fusion” Invention

We have been following the activities of Steorn for some time here, but lately there is not much news coming from Dublin regarding their Orbo technology.

There has, however, been some activity in Bologna, Italy which has been getting some attention. Inventor and engineer Andrea Rossi has been claiming that he has created a heat producing “energy catalyst” which is claimed be a form of cold fusion. The invention is claimed to be able to create over 10KW of power from a very small level of input power.

Rossi has recently invited experts to do some testing on the machine, and a recent report has raised some interest.

A Swedish science site, NyTeknik, conducted an interview with Giuseppe Levi, from the University of Bologna who tested the device, running it for eighteen hours. He says it reached a peak of 130KW output and then leveled off to stabilize to an output of between 15 and 20KW.  Levi said the starting  input power was about 1250W for five to ten minutes — it then reduced to only 80W.

If true, this is clearly a breakthrough technologically and scientifically. Levi is planning a more thorough test of Rossi’s invention. He states in the article, ““If I then, using the most accurate methods possible, really see changes in the nuclei, then we have new physics. There is nothing you can say about it,”

This could be another interesting energy technology to keep an eye on. Rossi has said that a 1MW plant using this technology is planned to open in Greece later this year.

The full article and interview can be found here.

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  1. Mikaela Andersson

    Here is a blog that seems to collect links regarding this!…Its exciting i think!
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