Apr 06

Swedish Physicists Hanno Essén and Sven Kullander Test Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer, Believe it Produces a Nuclear Reaction.

The swedish web site NyTeknik has a report from Swedish physicists Hanno Essén and Sven Kullander who have a conducted a new test of Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer and in their opinion some kind of nuclear reaction must be taking place to produce the amount of energy they measured.

In a detailed report they stated “Any chemical process should be ruled out for producing 25 kWh from whatever is in a 50 cubic centimeter container. The only alternative explanation is that there is some kind of a nuclear process that gives rise to the measured energy production.”

The two researchers tested a smaller version of the E-cat than had been used by different testers earlier this year. This one achieved a power output of  4.4 kW.

Kullander said “My belief that there is an energy development far beyond what one would expect has been strengthened significantly as I have had the opportunity to see the process for myself and perform measurements.”

Essén reported,“Everything that we’ve found so far fits together. There is nothing that seems to be strange. All people seem to be honest and competent,”

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