Apr 09

More on the Energy Catalyzer: Andrea Rossi Says He Has Signed “A Contract of Tremendous Importance” in the USA

Andrea Rossi’s  Journal of Nuclear Physics website is proving to be an interesting source of information these days.  Mr. Rossi doesn’t seem to be reluctant to feed little snippets of information about his plans and activities. An interesting piece of information was posted on April 7th.

“Today I am in the USA factory of Leonardo Corporation where I signed a contract of tremendous importance. As soon as I will be allowed to announce it, believe me, it will be extremely important”.

Later on, in the same thread he state simply, “Yesterday we signed a very important contract in the USA.”

Leonardo Corporation is Rossi’s own company and they have a factory in Florida where the E-cats are being built. No details are provided, but it sounds like he is eager to share more when he is allowed to.  But we can now have fun speculation on what might be going on!


Since the above post there has been additional discussion on Rossi’s site regarding the discussion in the same thread.

Q: Are you able to tell us any more regarding the nature of the contract you mentioned was signed in the USA yesterday? Can you perhaps indicate whether this was a contract from a customer to manufacture supply e-cats or if this was with a supplier for materials? Any information would be appreciated as there is growing excitement around the commercial rollout of your technology.

Rossi: The Customer of us is a kind of Customer you need to have a written authorization of to talk about him. In due time we will make a joint communication. We will manufacture together a network of plants to sell the energy. I am very happy for this, because I am extremely indebted with the USA, where I got my rebirth, and we will make here new jobs and a useful work, so I will give back part of the help I got, as it is my duty. I always give back what I get, turned into energy. It’s my job.
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  1. Jim

    Sure he has. “investors” beware.

  2. mscoffman

    Logic error – what agreement is more important then this device?
    especially when operational details have not been presented.
    I find these flaw in Rossi’s presentation:

    A) Insuffcient time on demo devices – after all a production device
    needs to work 24/7.

    B) The smaller size module does not scale well when building
    the supposed initial 1MW industrial reactor 300 modules is
    an ineffcient number 100 was the outside, – though this is a
    better size for a single home.

    C) Now this sliperry slope agreement

    Good Luck!


  3. celtic2000

    If this is a scam, I really hope not, it’s a very sophisticated and well prepared scam.
    Could be that all these months of demos only serve as the buildup for the Greece plant, which Andrea Rossi says: “will be the definitive proof”.
    But that’s when the real scam will occur. The 1MW plant will just function with concealed external power as long as its serves as the magnet for multimillion dollar pre-contracts that Rossi and his Greek partners will make for other site construction allover the World. Then they will simply disappear from face of the Earth.

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