May 04

Bill Gates, Meet the E-Cat — It’s Nuclear and Not “Cute”

On May 3 at the Wired Business Conference in New York City, Bill Gates addressed the issue of finding energy technologies that were big enough to meet the needs of a developing world. He talked about how small scale energy technologies were not going to provide the needed energy saying, “If you’re going for cuteness, the stuff on homes is where to go but if you’re interested in solving energy problems, it’s those big ones in the desert,” that matter.

He also addressed the environmental issue, saying that in order for there to be a meaningful impact on climate change, a 90 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is needed — and that energy efficiency alone would not be enough to reach that target.

Gates is a strong proponent of the deployment of more nuclear power plants and has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in nuclear energy startups. “”The good news about nuclear is that there’s hardly been any innovation, so the room to do things differently has been quite dramatic,” he remarked.

I wonder if Bill Gates has looked into the E-Cat — as was discussed here yesterday, the E-Cat could be a technology to bring revolutionary change in the field of energy. It seems it would be the kind of technology he could get right behind. If he’s interested in an inexpensive nuclear technology that is robust enough to meet the needs of an energy-hungry world while being environmentally friendly, the E-Cat sounds like a match.

Mr. Rossi has a suitable technology. Mr Gates has money and a desire to use it to solve energy problems. Someone ought to make an introduction.

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