Oct 29

Commercial Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi Makes First Sale of a 1MW E-Cat Plant Following Test

For many months now, people following the story of Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer invention have been anticipating the long-scheduled launch of the 1 MW plant he has been promising. He has said for a long time that the launch would be in October, and he fulfilled that commitment by hosting a testing event in his Bologna, Italy factory.

There is, however an air of mystery surrounding the whole event, mainly because the customer who bought the plant has not been named, and specifically requested that their identity remained secret. The test was carried out by a consultant for the company and this person, named Domenico Fioravanti, was satisfied enough with what he tested to make a purchase on behalf of the customer for an unspecified amount of money. Apparently the thing that convinced the customer that Rossi’s technology is indeed a new form of nuclear energy (Rossi characterizes it as LENR — low energy nuclear reaction) was that for 5 hours, the E-Cat plant ran in self-sustaining mode — without any input heat — all the while producing an average of 470 kW of thermal energy.

In addition to this consultant doing the test, there were a number of invited guests in attendance, including journalists from the Associated Press, NyTeknik and Pure Energy System News. The AP reporter, technology writer Peter Svennson, has not yet published his article, but NyTeknik and PESN have already published reports.

NyTeknik reports that now the first sale has been made, Bologna University’s physics department will begin a two year research and development program surrounding Rossi’s technology, and also Rossi will be entering into negotiations to start a similar R&D program at Uppsala University in Sweden.

With this initial test out of the way, Rossi has said he will turn his attention to the commercialization of this technology — he has said this phase will begin in November, so it will be interesting to see what transpires. Yesterday at a Q&A session, Rossi remarked about the results of the day’s testing, “This is a first step, but it is a very important first step.”

Here are a couple of videos of the event that were taken by Sterling D. Allan of PESN.

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